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Pushing Time

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Obviously Lucy and I stayed home today. Strangely enough, she really wanted to watch “the ring movie” which apparently translated into The Fellowship of the Ring. I’m all for that, even though I was passed out for at least half of it. I feel moderately better, but not great. Lucy has definitely perked up, but we’ll see if that lasts until the evening. Hopefully she’ll be good to head back to pre-school tomorrow. In the meantime, I had great plans for today. Not really. Grocery shopping was on the top of my list but that’s not done yet. Two blog posts left to write, which I am procrastinating majorly on. Plus I just realized I’ve got about a month until convention season starts and I still need to order swag to give away for the panel I’m on at RT. T-shirts? Mugs? Bookmarks? Gift baskets? It’s like a never ending… Read more