Christmas Eve Eve

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Not much of a post today, I’m afraid. Too much going on and no time to do it in. Plus now that the draft is done, my brain is leaping forward into the next project (though I keep having to rein it in – there are revisions due there bucko…settle down!) Makes for little sleep. Think I’ve maybe gotten 3 or 4 max the last several nights, mostly because the wheels are spinning and spinning. But I actually sorta welcome it – it’s hard in the mornings, but I do have to admit I’ve really missed that mad *need* to get something down on the page, even if it’s just in short story snippets that won’t go anywhere. Maybe it’s more of a bribe. I feed the muse and in return I’ll get through these revisions in no time, right? (And wouldn’t *that* be a lovely Christmas gift to myself?… Read more

Word Whore Thursday

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I’m over at Word Whores today, nomming about chocolate mint squares. And that’s really all I have to say? 🙂 (They are very tasty.) Though I will point out that even though I took yesterday off from writing/revising as a little reward to myself for finishing the Trace of Moonlight draft, I felt horribly guilty for not doing something productive and was awake until 2AM with my head spinning its gears into oblivion. Sorta frustrating, honestly. Also! Still one day left to enter your Hedgehog Haiku into the Mistletoe Madness Blog Hop!! (Get your prickly poems in ASAP!)… Read more

Word-Whore Thursday

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I’m over at Word Whores today talking a bit about daydreams (And I dug into my muppet nerdom past to pull out a little Rainbow Connection video too, because I dig Kermit.) Otherwise…I’m on the downhill side of the draft for A Trace of Moonlight (and should be done within the next week or so. And then I’ll be madly revising for a few weeks, but it’s all good.). I am giving myself a little early present this Sunday though – my stress levels have been extra high for the last few weeks (to the point where I actually almost bought a ticket to London…just because I’d never been there and thought it might a great place to crash for a few days. It’s probably best that I don’t make snap purchases in that frame of mind, so I talked myself out of it because, hey, real life…but still. Maybe… Read more

Happy Friday

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Late posting today but things got messed up. Two hour doc appointment became an additional two hour commute home from said doc appointment, thanks to a fuel spill and more accidents than I care to count today. And company coming for the weekend, which leads to additional manic cleaning. So…off to finish that and some additional project planning. And writing. And I got invited to participate in the next ST:TOR beta…so, maybe I can fit that in too.  (And Skyrim. And DA2. And Planescape: Torment. I can’t seem to focus on a single game, atm – all over the place…) But in the meantime, I want to thank all of you for the overwhelming outpouring of cover love for A Sliver of Shadow.  Now, I just hope the story lives up to the expectation! 🙂… Read more

Monday, Monday

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I seem to be running behind on my daily blogging for some reason. It’s not intentional at all – things have gotten busier at work, which leaves me less time for the usual lunch-time wordfest. The back continues to give me trouble (I have gotten my MRI report back. It’s not particularly good, but I’ll refrain from talking about it until I’ve got a gameplan set into place with the doctor. Anything at this point is purely conjecture on my part and not really worth going into. Survey says? World of suck coming.) Writing wise, things continue as they do. I took a week or so off of Book 3 – partially to work on a fun little side project that I’ll be wrapping up soon – and partially because I was a little stuck where I was. Oddly enough, when I picked it back up again last night, a… Read more