Monday, Monday

I seem to be running behind on my daily blogging for some reason. It’s not intentional at all – things have gotten busier at work, which leaves me less time for the usual lunch-time wordfest. The back continues to give me trouble (I have gotten my MRI report back. It’s not particularly good, but I’ll refrain from talking about it until I’ve got a gameplan set into place with the doctor. Anything at this point is purely conjecture on my part and not really worth going into. Survey says? World of suck coming.)

Writing wise, things continue as they do. I took a week or so off of Book 3 – partially to work on a fun little side project that I’ll be wrapping up soon – and partially because I was a little stuck where I was. Oddly enough, when I picked it back up again last night, a nice piece fell into place, so I’m back on track now.

There’s a bit of news I do want to share, but I have to wait (ha ha, isn’t that always the way?)  –  it’s not really my news to tell anyway. (Nice and cryptic, but I’ll blog about it within the next few days.)

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