Year of the Dragon

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Lucy and I have caught the plague today – so sickly cuddles all the way around. I spent most of the weekend in my PJs, completely exhausted and just dozing off wherever I was. I originally thought my body was finally being allowed to relax, but now I suspect it was more a harbinger of the blinding pain in the back of my skull. Not exactly the auspicious start to the new celestial year I was hoping for, but at least I caught up on my sleep a bit. (And my cross-stitch – I broke that out for the first time in ages, just to give my eyes a break from the computer.) Ah well. My only claim to the Year of the Dragon is the fact that the Chinese symbol for dragon is in my last name. (Surrounded by the Chinese word for veil. I always thought it would… Read more

Finding Balance

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This probably should be one of my resolutions. Or at least to start eating less. (Which seems like an oxy-moron. I mean, how can you start doing something *less*? Mmph. Whatever. Stop eating so much.) But to be honest, this past year things got a bit off kilter, so really my New Year Resolution should be about regaining balance. Whatever that actually is. Chances are I’ll never really find it, although I have to say working this week from home has been a nice step in that direction. It won’t last, but being able to sorta work around my own schedule without the issue of hours wasted on a commute? Freaking priceless. An extra hour of sleep here or there has made a rather nice difference in my overall attitude – both in sleep and the fact that I’ve been able to move straight to the edits immediately after work.… Read more

Word Whores are Here!

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Happy New Year to everyone! Just a quick note to pop in and say that the new Word-Whores blog is now up and officially running, so go on over and check us out. New blog posts every day by seven authors. 🙂 Also, if you’d like to win a copy of Brush of Darkness, go check out Alaine – Queen of Happy Endings – she’s running a contest!… Read more