Year of the Dragon

Lucy and I have caught the plague today – so sickly cuddles all the way around. I spent most of the weekend in my PJs, completely exhausted and just dozing off wherever I was. I originally thought my body was finally being allowed to relax, but now I suspect it was more a harbinger of the blinding pain in the back of my skull.

Not exactly the auspicious start to the new celestial year I was hoping for, but at least I caught up on my sleep a bit. (And my cross-stitch – I broke that out for the first time in ages, just to give my eyes a break from the computer.)

Ah well.

My only claim to the Year of the Dragon is the fact that the Chinese symbol for dragon is in my last name. (Surrounded by the Chinese word for veil. I always thought it would be romantic if the whole thing meant “veiled dragon” – but it doesn’t. Though for a while I almost registered that as a domain and was going to run some sort of business out of it. Until I realized the initials were VD and I was like…yeah, not so much.)

At any rate, I hope good things are around the corner for everyone this year.

Double happiness to everyone!

On a completely random note – I’ve got the finalized schedule for my blog tour now – I’ll be posting it on my official website at some point this week, but in the meantime, if you didn’t get on the list and you’ve got space available, just drop me a line and we’ll work something out. 🙂

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