Phin Does NOT Approve…Sorta.

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And by not approve, I mean he sorta appreciated that part where the unicorns were making out with the Ke$ha. He wasn’t overly fond of the rainbow death scenes, though. On the other hand? He likes the idea of being ridden by Lady GaGa very much.But seriously? WTF is up with unicorns and videos these days?… Read more

ARC Winner!

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Merry Christmas to everyone – and yes, we have a winner! DUM DUM DUM DUM. After weighting of points and using the random number generator (the more points you got, the higher your chance of winning), I am happy to announce that the winner for the Brush of Darkness ARC and the stuffed Phin is: Kayleigh H!!!! Congrats Kayleigh – go ahead and email me your address at: mynfel at gmail dot com and I’ll get your ARC to you ASAP! 🙂 And thanks to everyone who participated – we had nearly 40 entries and that’s pretty damn awesome, if I do say so myself. (And some of you are very clever haiku writers.) Thanks again and have a great holiday!… Read more

Mystery Box for the Win

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Remember the mystery package I sent to my editor a few days ago? Well, she got it today so I can finally show you what’s in it. (It’s her birthday this week, but seeing as I’ll be out of town, I figured I’d send her something a little early, just for being such an awesome editor.) And yes, I realize I am a big silly, but I really did have fun putting together the first prototype of: Phineas! Complete with Hello Kitty underwear on his head! And bacon! Or at least band-aids that look like strips of bacon. (I’m a little hedgey about sending actual food products to people. (And honestly bacon-flavored mints sounded pretty damn nasty) In case you needed a close up of the bacon: Okay then, now I shall endeavor to crawl back into my hole and get something done today. (In other news, the suitcase I ordered for… Read more