Shooting Russian Unicorns

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Yeah, you know, it’s oddly catchy and I kinda can’t stop watching. (Though I’m not sure @phintheunicorn would completely approve, but that’s okay.) And in case you didn’t realize – yes that’s a spoof lipsynch job over a Michael Bublé video. (Original here.) On a few additional notes, I’m guest posting over at the League of Reluctant Adults today, talking a little bit about an upcoming project I’m looking to do. Also – All Things Urban Fantasy is taking nominations for best PNR/UF covers, so if you’re so inclined, head over that way to nominate A Brush of Darkness (or any of your favs, honestly.) 🙂… Read more

Bad Unicorn

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Yeah, I think I had like 20 people send me this last week, so might as well get it up here. 🙂 @Phintheunicorn totally approves, btw.… Read more

Phin Does NOT Approve…Sorta.

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And by not approve, I mean he sorta appreciated that part where the unicorns were making out with the Ke$ha. He wasn’t overly fond of the rainbow death scenes, though. On the other hand? He likes the idea of being ridden by Lady GaGa very much.But seriously? WTF is up with unicorns and videos these days?… Read more

Unicorns Abound

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Clearly this is a bumper week as far as receiving unicorns goes. The lovely glass rainbow unicorn on the table (and helpfully modeled by Lucy) was a gift  from the awesomesauce Jeffe. ** (And really, it doesn’t get much better than rainbows AND unicorns – but even better when they’re all squished into one.) The haiku for an ARC contest is still going strong – you’ve got two more days to get your entries in. (And incidentally, each entry is going into a SQL database and weighted accordingly based on points and then drawn randomly based upon that. You know. In case you care.) Phin’s Haiku for the day: Bacon is crunchyI left you some sparkles inyour underwear drawer ** Special congrats to Jeffe for making it into PAN this week! 😀… Read more

Unicorn vs. Dolph Lundgren

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Kind of busy today, so here’s the best I could come with for a blog post. Kinda WTF, but pretty funny for all that. Dolph appears to be slumming a bit.  😉 Deny Allow… Read more