Shooting Russian Unicorns

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Yeah, you know, it’s oddly catchy and I kinda can’t stop watching. (Though I’m not sure @phintheunicorn would completely approve, but that’s okay.) And in case you didn’t realize – yes that’s a spoof lipsynch job over a Michael Bublé video. (Original here.) On a few additional notes, I’m guest posting over at the League of Reluctant Adults today, talking a little bit about an upcoming project I’m looking to do. Also – All Things Urban Fantasy is taking nominations for best PNR/UF covers, so if you’re so inclined, head over that way to nominate A Brush of Darkness (or any of your favs, honestly.) 🙂… Read more

Word Whores & Reluctant Adult Twofer

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Okay – got a couple of guest posts kicking around today – my usual Thursday slot on Word Whores is about literary crushes (always a fun topic). And I’m also over at League of Reluctant Adults talking a bit about Womanthology, which is a killer collaborative effort between some fabulous professional comic book artists/writers (all women) and unpubbed artists/writers. There’s a waiting list for a second volume – so if you’ve got any artistic talent or wish to try your hand at writing a small comic, now’s your chance. (I threw my name in there, just for fun. I’ve always wanted to try writing for comics/gns and I figured it couldn’t hurt. Guess we’ll see what happens.)… Read more