Unicorns Abound

Clearly this is a bumper week as far as receiving unicorns goes. The lovely glass rainbow unicorn on the table (and helpfully modeled by Lucy) was a gift  from the awesomesauce Jeffe. **

(And really, it doesn’t get much better than rainbows AND unicorns – but even better when they’re all squished into one.)

The haiku for an ARC contest is still going strong – you’ve got two more days to get your entries in. (And incidentally, each entry is going into a SQL database and weighted accordingly based on points and then drawn randomly based upon that. You know. In case you care.)

Phin’s Haiku for the day:

Bacon is crunchy
I left you some sparkles in
your underwear drawer

** Special congrats to Jeffe for making it into PAN this week! 😀

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