Win, Fail and WTFkery

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Late night post tonight. Last day or so has been a bit of a crazy mess. Win:  I bought a new car. It’s a Kia Sorento – basically a glorified mommy mobile, but it should do the job nicely, so that’s good. Plus I got a good number on my trade in. Fail: Going to Best Buy today to see about getting a subwoofer installed in said Kia. (I like a little extra junk in the trunk, so to speak.) Said experience went like this: 1) Get to Best Buy. Linger around the Mobile section. Watch as salesboys gawk at me and walk by without offering to help. Because I have bewbs and therefore couldn’t POSSIBLY know wtf I want. 2) Sales boy comes up finally and asks me what he can help me with. I say I’m just trying to get some info on subwoofers – i.w. size/price/time for… Read more

Where My Kids At?

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Swagger Wagon for the win.… Read more

Most Epic Win. Ever.

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Slow ass day today. So here. Most awesome picture ever made. Go ping the artist and tell him he’s full of win.… Read more

Mystery Box for the Win

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Remember the mystery package I sent to my editor a few days ago? Well, she got it today so I can finally show you what’s in it. (It’s her birthday this week, but seeing as I’ll be out of town, I figured I’d send her something a little early, just for being such an awesome editor.) And yes, I realize I am a big silly, but I really did have fun putting together the first prototype of: Phineas! Complete with Hello Kitty underwear on his head! And bacon! Or at least band-aids that look like strips of bacon. (I’m a little hedgey about sending actual food products to people. (And honestly bacon-flavored mints sounded pretty damn nasty) In case you needed a close up of the bacon: Okay then, now I shall endeavor to crawl back into my hole and get something done today. (In other news, the suitcase I ordered for… Read more

Bacon Bribery

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This is so full of win I can hardly speak. (Mostly because I’m laughing so damn hard.) Revenge never tasted so sweet, I suppose. Thanks, Adri – if I have an extra ARC, it’s yours. 🙂 And btw, Adri also made this: I suspect I’ll be handing out quite a few of them – seeing as I owe many people a very great deal. (I’ll leave that to another post with some well-thought out reasons, however.)… Read more