Win, Fail and WTFkery

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Late night post tonight. Last day or so has been a bit of a crazy mess. Win:  I bought a new car. It’s a Kia Sorento – basically a glorified mommy mobile, but it should do the job nicely, so that’s good. Plus I got a good number on my trade in. Fail: Going to Best Buy today to see about getting a subwoofer installed in said Kia. (I like a little extra junk in the trunk, so to speak.) Said experience went like this: 1) Get to Best Buy. Linger around the Mobile section. Watch as salesboys gawk at me and walk by without offering to help. Because I have bewbs and therefore couldn’t POSSIBLY know wtf I want. 2) Sales boy comes up finally and asks me what he can help me with. I say I’m just trying to get some info on subwoofers – i.w. size/price/time for… Read more


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Not much of a post today, I’m afraid. Connor’s temp has been running over 104 the last two nights. The doc did call us today to confirm strep so he’s on antibiotics now, but it will probably be tomorrow before we really see any sort of improvement. And so, I guess that’s about it. Tottering back to the couch now to hold my little boy.… Read more