Mystery Box for the Win

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Remember the mystery package I sent to my editor a few days ago? Well, she got it today so I can finally show you what’s in it. (It’s her birthday this week, but seeing as I’ll be out of town, I figured I’d send her something a little early, just for being such an awesome editor.) And yes, I realize I am a big silly, but I really did have fun putting together the first prototype of: Phineas! Complete with Hello Kitty underwear on his head! And bacon! Or at least band-aids that look like strips of bacon. (I’m a little hedgey about sending actual food products to people. (And honestly bacon-flavored mints sounded pretty damn nasty) In case you needed a close up of the bacon: Okay then, now I shall endeavor to crawl back into my hole and get something done today. (In other news, the suitcase I ordered for… Read more

Random Ramblings About Agents, Editors and Money…

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First – a nice shout out back to Simon Larter and Donna Hole for the link-backs. I had no idea I was so fascinating. 😉 I actually helped Simon out with a little research the other day. And I’m not sure just how interesting it really was, but I trust him to spruce it up for the sake of art. One of things I did talk to him about was the fact that I took the chance to chat with the respective editors of the different publishing houses before I made my decision.  Which really makes so much sense. Regardless of who you’re looking to sign on with – agent or editor – you need to get a feel for who they are, as you’re most likely going to have to work with them for several years. In my case, I had stopped looking at the monetary offers as deciding… Read more

Whee! I Won!

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Got the phone call last night telling me I won the Paranormal category for the Toronto Romance Writers 2009 Golden Opportunity Contest. (Or really, my Shadow of the Incubus entry won, but same thing…) Leah Hultenschmidt of Dorchester was the final judge and requested the full ms. Which of course, I’m now going *back* over with a fine toothed comb. You know. Just to be *sure* I’ve cleared away all those typos. And of course, everywhere I go I see some new flaw that needs cleaning up. Just the nature of the game, I guess – to want to micro-edit over and over and over again. As an after shot, the entry now goes to a sort of “Best in Show” judge – an agent, this time. And again, for me, it’s just about getting it out there and past the slush pile that’s important. I don’t *need* to win… Read more