Random Ramblings About Agents, Editors and Money…

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First – a nice shout out back to Simon Larter and Donna Hole for the link-backs. I had no idea I was so fascinating. 😉 I actually helped Simon out with a little research the other day. And I’m not sure just how interesting it really was, but I trust him to spruce it up for the sake of art. One of things I did talk to him about was the fact that I took the chance to chat with the respective editors of the different publishing houses before I made my decision.  Which really makes so much sense. Regardless of who you’re looking to sign on with – agent or editor – you need to get a feel for who they are, as you’re most likely going to have to work with them for several years. In my case, I had stopped looking at the monetary offers as deciding… Read more

Beginnings and Endings and Other Assorted Ramblings

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As stated before, I tend to get melancholy at the end of the year, which is just another way of saying I have to go back to work tomorrow and that makes me rather pissy. I’ve had a week or so off now, and while I did get some writing done, it certainly wasn’t as much as I could have. Which is fine. I think that for newbie writers in particular, it’s very easy to get swept up in the rushing need to be “on” all the time. (At least, it does for me).  Even when I started working in an office, I found myself feeling guilty for spending any free time doing anything other than work…as though I was less than I could be if I wasn’t “being productive.” I’ve tried to break that cycle a bit over the last few weeks – attempting to ease down from the… Read more

Separated at Birth? or How I *Really* Got My Agent

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So, of course I get a lot of questions these days as to how I got my agent. Was it the contest wins? My Hello Kitty mouse? The sheer and utter brilliance of my query? Probably some random combination of all of the above, but more to the point, Colleen and I apparently own the same cats. Case Study #1) Stinkyboy and Buddycat belong to Colleen: This is Stinkyboy (nicely lifted from Colleen’s Flickr account). And this is Buddycat (also taken from Colleen’s Flickr account). Case Study # 2) Killian and Jake belong to me. Killian from this morning. He has food on his nose and doesn’t look very happy about being photographed. He’s a grumpy old thing. And here is Jake. Who tends to preen a little more for the lens. He is less grumpy in general, although a bit more shy around people. Coincidence? I think not. Clearly… Read more

Back to Earth…

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So yesterday was a bit crazy.When Colleen announced her representation of me on Twitter, my blog/twitter hits exploded for the next few hours. (And I got to see it all unfold live via my Woopra application – tons of little pings from all over the country – what people were reading on the blog, where they came from, how long they hung out – all in real-time.) Lots of emails. Lots of DMs. Lots of well-wishes and congratulations and questions on how I managed it.  (And isn’t that the trick question?? Although I did find it amusing that I had quite a few hits on my query and query letter tags. There’s no big secret here, folks. I wrote a book, I wrote a query, I followed submission guidelines, I got rejected, I sent it out again, etc. Rinse and repeat.) Today, we’re back down to normal levels as far… Read more