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My two main cats, Killian and Jake, are primarily outdoors these days, but in the fall and winter months I let them in at night when the temp starts dropping. (And being that Killian is nearly 15 years old now, I suspect he’s going to be spending more time indoors in general – I feed him separately indoors most of the time now as it is to make sure he gets enough.) Of course, over the years we’ve had many cats come by and nibble on the leftovers. Some are just passing through and are clearly pets. Some are strays and some are feral. We had one stray, dubbed “Spots” who showed up nearly two years ago with a broken tail and very skinny. She’s pretty fat now and very gentle. (I let her in during the massive snow storms last year for several weeks.) Sadly enough I haven’t seen her… Read more

Separated at Birth? or How I *Really* Got My Agent

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So, of course I get a lot of questions these days as to how I got my agent. Was it the contest wins? My Hello Kitty mouse? The sheer and utter brilliance of my query? Probably some random combination of all of the above, but more to the point, Colleen and I apparently own the same cats. Case Study #1) Stinkyboy and Buddycat belong to Colleen: This is Stinkyboy (nicely lifted from Colleen’s Flickr account). And this is Buddycat (also taken from Colleen’s Flickr account). Case Study # 2) Killian and Jake belong to me. Killian from this morning. He has food on his nose and doesn’t look very happy about being photographed. He’s a grumpy old thing. And here is Jake. Who tends to preen a little more for the lens. He is less grumpy in general, although a bit more shy around people. Coincidence? I think not. Clearly… Read more