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As stated before, I tend to get melancholy at the end of the year, which is just another way of saying I have to go back to work tomorrow and that makes me rather pissy. I’ve had a week or so off now, and while I did get some writing done, it certainly wasn’t as much as I could have.

Which is fine. I think that for newbie writers in particular, it’s very easy to get swept up in the rushing need to be “on” all the time. (At least, it does for me).  Even when I started working in an office, I found myself feeling guilty for spending any free time doing anything other than work…as though I was less than I could be if I wasn’t “being productive.”

I’ve tried to break that cycle a bit over the last few weeks – attempting to ease down from the internet, and my other computer addictions (i.e. WoW or DA, for example). I bought a bunch of books to read on the trip to Vermont and spent some extra time with the kids and purposefully *not* writing or editing. (And yeah, there was some mental brainstorming in the car, but that just sort of happened.) I certainly haven’t done any work studying for Exchange.


Colleen had a really good post about this the other day. And it’s refreshing to see. Not that it’s refreshing to see anyone feeling a little stressed out, that is –  but more to prove what I’ve suspected all along: Agents and editors are, in fact, human. Which is something that those of us that can’t shut off fail to recognize sometimes. For someone who is so desperately trying so hard to get out there – to write, to be pubbed, to be *someone*, it’s very easy to forget that agents aren’t just faceless automatons sitting at a box and gleefully slamming people’s queries twenty-four hours a day. They have lives and lovers, cats and kids and books and midnight watchings of Buffy reruns. And why shouldn’t they?

And sure, it’s easy to point fingers and say “But I see them on Twitter and Facebook and their blogs and they seem to have all this time to talk about other stuff. How come they can’t give me all the details on why they rejected my query/ms/etc?”

Doesn’t matter. Might as well ask why you’re reading this blog instead of writing, eh? Or working on your pitch. Or cleaning your house. Or playing with your dog. Or whatever else it is you do when you’re not “being productive.”

I’m having trouble ending this without sounding like a preachy prat, so I suppose I’ll just say: Live and let live. Write. And watch Buffy. 🙂

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