Whee! I Won!

Got the phone call last night telling me I won the Paranormal category for the Toronto Romance Writers 2009 Golden Opportunity Contest. (Or really, my Shadow of the Incubus entry won, but same thing…) Leah Hultenschmidt of Dorchester was the final judge and requested the full ms. Which of course, I’m now going *back* over with a fine toothed comb. You know. Just to be *sure* I’ve cleared away all those typos. And of course, everywhere I go I see some new flaw that needs cleaning up. Just the nature of the game, I guess – to want to micro-edit over and over and over again.

As an after shot, the entry now goes to a sort of “Best in Show” judge – an agent, this time. And again, for me, it’s just about getting it out there and past the slush pile that’s important. I don’t *need* to win – I’m just banking on the off chance that the agent will also ask for the full. The winner of this portion gets a 3 chapter critique from Kelley Armstrong, but as noted above – that would be gravy.
So, now, I’m off to spend the morning at Great Falls with the kids and then a nice lunch and maybe some shopping with mr myn this afternoon. Should I be editing? Probably, but I want a little time to think about what changes I may need to make before I just run off and do them – but I’ll be sending it off within the next day or so, for sure.
Keep your fingers crossed. 🙂

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