Mystery Box for the Win

Remember the mystery package I sent to my editor a few days ago?

Well, she got it today so I can finally show you what’s in it.

(It’s her birthday this week, but seeing as I’ll be out of town, I figured I’d send her something a little early, just for being such an awesome editor.)

And yes, I realize I am a big silly, but I really did have fun putting together the first prototype of:


Complete with Hello Kitty underwear on his head!

And bacon!

Or at least band-aids that look like strips of bacon. (I’m a little hedgey about sending actual food products to people. (And honestly bacon-flavored mints sounded pretty damn nasty)

In case you needed a close up of the bacon:

Okay then, now I shall endeavor to crawl back into my hole and get something done today.

(In other news, the suitcase I ordered for traveling…oh, tomorrow…still hasn’t shown up yet. Although it looks as though it’s out on the Fed Ex truck as I type this. Let’s hope I get it soon!

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