Skip a Day at Starbucks

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Hey guys, on a serious note, I donated some $$ towards CJ Redwine’s adoption fund today. The long and short of it is that CJ is trying to adopt a little girl from China. What was supposed to take about 6-8 months and stretched out into years – during this time, adoption fees have skyrocketed and the family is $8000 short.  Seeing as CJ has done so much for the writing community, it seemed like the least I could do is help them bring their little girl home. You can read all about her story and make your own donation by clicking on the picture. 🙂  (And yes – there are all sorts of giveaways you can enter if you donate, so check out the list of fabulous people and their fabulous prizes at the bottom of that link.!)… Read more

Most Epic Win. Ever.

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Slow ass day today. So here. Most awesome picture ever made. Go ping the artist and tell him he’s full of win.… Read more

Walk Without Rhythm and It Won’t Attract the Worm.

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I had a different post idea today, but several hours at the new Physical Therapist’s sorta derailed that. So here’s Christopher Walken in the Best. Video. Evar.… Read more

…and Why Didn’t *I* Think of THIS?????

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…and *THIS* is why people have wedding rehearsals, people.… Read more