…and Why Didn’t *I* Think of THIS?????

…and *THIS* is why people have wedding rehearsals, people.
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3 Responses to …and Why Didn’t *I* Think of THIS?????

  1. Snowangel says:

    Oh this soo beats being married by elvis in Vegas!!! Especially since Elvis hit on the mother in law, ew!!

  2. Kendris says:


    I'm trying to picture my mother's expression…gonna wake up laughing my ass off later tonight.

  3. LaTessa says:

    Execellent–I LOVE IT!!

    LOL– that looked like fun, towards the end I was like "did they all run back so they could come back down?"

    Yep, they did- LOL.

    Dude, where do you find all this stuff??

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