Unicorns Abound

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Clearly this is a bumper week as far as receiving unicorns goes. The lovely glass rainbow unicorn on the table (and helpfully modeled by Lucy) was a gift  from the awesomesauce Jeffe. ** (And really, it doesn’t get much better than rainbows AND unicorns – but even better when they’re all squished into one.) The haiku for an ARC contest is still going strong – you’ve got two more days to get your entries in. (And incidentally, each entry is going into a SQL database and weighted accordingly based on points and then drawn randomly based upon that. You know. In case you care.) Phin’s Haiku for the day: Bacon is crunchyI left you some sparkles inyour underwear drawer ** Special congrats to Jeffe for making it into PAN this week! 😀… Read more

Candy Cane Shivs and Other Holiday Rants

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So, I ran across this article yesterday. I haven’t quite picked my jaw up off the floor yet, honestly, particularly at this part: Mother Kathleen Flannery said a administrator called her and explained that, “not everyone wants Christmas cheer. That suicide rates are up over Christmas, and that they should keep their cheer to themselves, perhaps.”Wow. So, exactly what *is* it we’re celebrating during this season, anyway? Seems a far cry from “Peace on earth, goodwill to man,” that I was always brought up with.  And sure, I suppose you *COULD* make a weapon from a sharpened candy cane…but what about pencils? Those metal parts on rulers? Sporks? Hell, why not just run up to the chemistry lab, snag some acid and THROW it?? (Obviously I don’t advocate any of the above. But those little candy canes that break when you look at them hardly constitute as weapons.) My son’s… Read more

Trimming Trees and Such

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Our tree is crooked this year. Not overly so, but no matter what angle we put it it at there is always a bit of a slant. Straighten the top and the bottom goes lopsided. Straighten the bottom and the top bends backwards. Much like life, I suppose. *shrugs* In the end we just put it up and decorated it anyway, crooked limbs be damned. I doubt Santa will care one way or the other. (The kids surely don’t.). At any rate, it’s up now and ready to go. It’s strange, though. For all that I’m really pretty jaded about the holidays in general (not that I really want to be, mind.), I always insist on a Christmas tree. And not a fake one either. My parents did get a fake one after my brother and I moved out, but growing up we always had a real one – and… Read more

Merry Christmas!

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…and safe travels for everyone. 🙂… Read more

Off for Christmas

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Okay. It’s Christmas Eve. Presents are wrapped, egg-nog is flowing freely and kids are nearly ready for bed. (Though apparently Connor has a touch of the demon child eyes going on in this picture.) Good news is that we’re off to Vermont tomorrow so I’ll be offline for a few days as there isn’t really any internet where we’re going. (mr myn’s parents have enough help to see them through for a few weeks and we desperately need to disconnect from the world for a bit, so I’m not really thinking too hard on it.) My cats are being boarded and fixed up at the vet’s and are less than thrilled with me. I was going to take the stray too, but at $22 a day per cat, plus the shots and dental work my cats need, I’m already up about $600 and I just can’t afford another one. She’s… Read more