Bear Head

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Funny thing about blogs. People read them. Like my dad – who ran into my post about Bear Head. As a bit of a lovely Christmas surprise, he actually found the bear head ornament and gave it to me. 🙂 So here it is, in all its hot-glue-gun glory, nestled among the bottles of vodka and appletini mix my aunt gave me. I’m not really sure why I put it there for the picture, but perhaps my subconscious is suggesting that to understand the pure awesome zen of a decapitated bear head ornament, one must essentially be soused. I shall have to ponder that this evening. (Whilst stuffing my face with my home-made meringues. Thanks to @KAKrantz for stopping by today to help me make them! And for the awesome Hello Kitty flannel PJs! Which I will show tomorrow.) In the meantime, yay for a lovely review of BoD from… Read more