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On Writing Fanfic

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When it comes to writers, fanfic can be one of those hotbutton issues. Some authors like it/write it/encourage it – and others treat it like dogshit on a shoe. I have a bit of a love-hate thing going on with it myself. Not because I care if people write it or read it so much as that I have a mental block on it sometimes. Like, I totally understand coming to the end of a book and wanting more – more of my favorite characters, more of that world, more everything. Just like I get wanting to “fill in the gaps” between characters that maybe didn’t get a lot of screen time. All of that makes sense, and I’ll admit to being a rather ravenous consumer of Gargoyles fanfic back in my college years for just that reason. But in the back of my head, there was always that lingering… Read more

Word Whore ~ Fox and Willow Thursday

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Bit of a later post tonight, but I was feeling a bit under the weather for most of the day. (Plus I’m trying to use my evenings to get back into my writing groove and wanted to get that done first. Still have about 100 words to go for tonight’s word count, but that’s close enough.) Anyway, I’m over at word-whores today, discussing my thoughts on Fanfic, so definitely check that out if you get the chance.  It’s definitely a tricky topic and one that many people have lots of different opinions about. And page 38 of Fox & Willow is up now as well. 🙂… Read more

A Picture is Worth How Many Words?

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While kicking around the interwebs yesterday, I ran across a post on Tumblr lamenting the fact that writing wasn’t worth as much as art. Keeping in mind that the blogger was a fanfic writer, she made some good points – namely that it’s much easier for an artist to make money with fanart vs writing fanfic. Her specific examples were at conventions or online, where artsy types could easily command $20 or more for quick commissions, dozens of people standing in line to put in an order to get their character rendered in that artist’s style. Her main argument centered around the idea that as visual creatures, people could determine instantly whether or not they liked a piece of artwork and therefore the value of a piece could also be determined instantly. (Which may or may not be true.)  This, as opposed to a piece of writing (in her case, a piece… Read more

Updates from the Home Office

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Took today off from work so I could continue editing. Deadlines being what they are, I can probably ask for another mini-extension if I need to, but I’ve got conventions coming up and vacation stuff coming up and the last thing I want hanging over my head is a late novel. So, using up a floating holiday today to continue making a bit of headway. It’s one of those thing where I only have about 100 pages left…but there’s some pretty heavy duty rewriting on the plate – less about commas and sentence polishing than “Gee, this makes no sense. Let’s take out *all* of it and redo, yes?” *shrugs* It is what it is, I guess. And I’m still not sure it’s quite right, but I think it’s getting there. Maybe it’s one of those middle novel things – they’re a little harder because they’re bridging between the intro… Read more

No Going Home Again

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I’ve mentioned before that I never really liked fanfic. I understand why people write it – sometimes it’s to explore part of a story that the author didn’t get to. Sometimes it’s for pervy (read: slash) related reasons. Sometimes it’s characters from a game or a show as opposed to a book and there’s such a love and longing for more about those characters that the writer has to just get it out. Sometimes it’s just arrogance or masturbatory vanity – the idea that fanfic could be written better than what the original author had done. All sorts of reasons, really. I’ve never been fond of it because in my mind it’s not canon (even if it’s well written and not just some self-inserted fangirly thing). Maybe an odd thing to think about for fictional characters, but if the author didn’t write it, then it didn’t happen. End of story. There’s something… Read more