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No Going Home Again

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I’ve mentioned before that I never really liked fanfic. I understand why people write it – sometimes it’s to explore part of a story that the author didn’t get to. Sometimes it’s for pervy (read: slash) related reasons. Sometimes it’s characters from a game or a show as opposed to a book and there’s such a love and longing for more about those characters that the writer has to just get it out. Sometimes it’s just arrogance or┬ámasturbatory┬ávanity – the idea that fanfic could be written better than what the original author had done. All sorts of reasons, really. I’ve never been fond of it because in my mind it’s not canon (even if it’s well written and not just some self-inserted fangirly thing). Maybe an odd thing to think about for fictional characters, but if the author didn’t write it, then it didn’t happen. End of story. There’s something… Read more