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Softly Chaotic

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I’m baking cookies today. The chocolate chip sort. It’s Spring Break, the kids are bored, and I had dipped into some rather dark places last night, so…baking. Not that I’ll probably eat any – I’ve been on a new sort of diet over the last 2 or 3 weeks. I hesitate to call it a diet, per se, since it really is more about changing the eating habits. Not that I’m particularly heartbroken about losing nearly ten pounds so far – I’ve got a lot more to go, but a slow roll off is healthier than a fast one. These last few weeks have been hard – it’s sort of an anti-inflammatory diet in that for the first month there’s no caffeine, no sugar, no carbs and no dairy. The idea here is that a lot of people are actually allergic to these things and don’t really know, so going… Read more

Saying Goodbye

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I had to say goodbye to Tumbleweed this weekend. If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know I’ve had an African pygmy hedgehog for about three years. She’s been an interesting and amusing little thing – she certainly had her own mind made up when it came to things she did or didn’t like and though she was grumpy much of the time, she still had a particular charm. However, over the last year or so, she had been slowing down. Her left hind leg began to fuse together at the knee, forcing her to walk on her hock instead of the ball of her foot. The vets had never seen that happen before, but it didn’t seem to slow her down too much at first. Over the next year I did notice that she wasn’t as active as she had been. The vets said she had… Read more

Bitten By Books Smackdown!

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Just a heads up that A Brush of Darkness is a finalist in the BBB Smackdown. More details about it here, but go on over and throw your hat in the ring to defend the book of your choice. (And you don’t even have to choose mine – there are so many good one out there!) As an aside note, I know I haven’t updated much in the last week or so. Obviously there’s a lot I want to talk about as far as last week’s RT Convention went, and I do have plans to write up a recap, but about an hour after my plane landed on Sunday night, my father-in-law had a sudden stroke and passed away Monday morning. So…things have been a bit sad and hectic around the house the last few days. I’m hoping to have things back on a more normal track by next week,… Read more

No Going Home Again

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I’ve mentioned before that I never really liked fanfic. I understand why people write it – sometimes it’s to explore part of a story that the author didn’t get to. Sometimes it’s for pervy (read: slash) related reasons. Sometimes it’s characters from a game or a show as opposed to a book and there’s such a love and longing for more about those characters that the writer has to just get it out. Sometimes it’s just arrogance or masturbatory vanity – the idea that fanfic could be written better than what the original author had done. All sorts of reasons, really. I’ve never been fond of it because in my mind it’s not canon (even if it’s well written and not just some self-inserted fangirly thing). Maybe an odd thing to think about for fictional characters, but if the author didn’t write it, then it didn’t happen. End of story. There’s something… Read more