Bitten By Books Smackdown!

Just a heads up that A Brush of Darkness is a finalist in the BBB Smackdown. More details about it here, but go on over and throw your hat in the ring to defend the book of your choice. (And you don’t even have to choose mine – there are so many good one out there!)

As an aside note, I know I haven’t updated much in the last week or so. Obviously there’s a lot I want to talk about as far as last week’s RT Convention went, and I do have plans to write up a recap, but about an hour after my plane landed on Sunday night, my father-in-law had a sudden stroke and passed away Monday morning.

So…things have been a bit sad and hectic around the house the last few days. I’m hoping to have things back on a more normal track by next week, but just bear with me if things aren’t updating as quickly as they might otherwise. (I am still blogging on my other blog a bit more frequently since it’s more of a personal site.)

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