J Crew WTFkery

So I’ve been skimming the interwebs the last few days trying to distract myself, and I came across some pretty weird crap.  Not that I want to get into full on discussions about it here or anything, but I thought I’d throw some of it up here for the peanuts to see.

So here we have J. Crew and this picture of the CEO painting her 5 year old son’s toenails pink. It’s in the catalog and apparently it means that the transgender apocalypse is coming. Or something.

The article is ridiculous, btw. Why don’t we chastise women for showing their ankles while we’re at it? I honestly don’t understand the argument. After all, if the picture were of a girl playing with a truck in the mud, would anyone care? Lifestyles and clothing have been changing for as long as people have been around and strangely enough the world hasn’t ended yet. We’re all also still pretty different.

I just really detest this hypocritical, judgmental “my way or the highway” mentality that so many “experts” seem to have. Besides, whatever your arguments are about nature vs nurture, people should be free to be whoever they want. Frankly, it’s none of Ablow’s business if this kid wears nail polish or not.

Want a perfect example of how shit doesn’t always happen the way we “think”  it should?  Just check out the video below. Little girl was “supposed” to take the side of the Jedi in the show. Instead, she kneels to Darth Vader and decides she wants to become a Sith Lord. (Props to the actors tho for taking it in stride.)

If Ablow got his panties in a bind over some pink nail polish, I imagine he’d have a coronary over a girl wanting to fight with light sabers.

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