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Dragon Age Art Shinies

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So when Aimo came to visit this past October we did a LOT of cooking. And eating. And actually, she did most of the cooking – because she’s awesome.  (I bought all the ingredients, though. ^_^) And then she wrote up a comic about her food adventures while she was here, including the part where Dan and I decided we wanted to adopt her so she could continue to feed us. (It’s several pages long and chronicles everything from Shake Shack during NYCC to Bilbo Baggins in Old Town, so, you know, full of noms.) If you’ve been following me, you’ll notice that my own cooking stuff picked up once she left. Basically, we got spoiled tremendously, and while I don’t consider myself a chef by any stretch, it turns out I’m pretty good at following recipes, so at least there’s that. At any rate, she just sent me a… Read more

Shiny Bling

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More Friday shinies…but only part of it. See, I commissioned Jakface for a series of 4 pictures. As though Abby and Talivar were in one of those mall photobooths. But Ion’s a troll. And Phin’s a derp-faced photobomber. Hilarity ensues. But I’m not showing it all off here.  They’re getting printed up as we speak and handed out at AAD.  I’ll probably make them into an animated gif at some point too. Or something.) I did bling this one, though. Because I could…… Read more

Almost Art

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A long time ago I could almost sort-of draw. And by draw, I mean I could copy pretty well. Not trace…just copy. I used to do Disney characters and the like, but I also spent a lot of time working off of the Froud/Lee Faeries book. (My father is cleaning out the old house, so I’m finding a lot of my old sketchbooks in the piles. It’s sort of odd, really. I haven’t attempted to draw anything for well over 20 years now.) The turtles there are a terrible mix of pastel, color pencil and marker, but not too shabby for someone who was 14 or 15 when she did it. One of these days I’ll scan or photo the better sketches and post them up here for fun (particularly the Faerie ones – I can post the originals too, for comparison…) In the meantime, I was also given a… Read more


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I used to have hobbies before the writing gig became professional. I won’t say writing was a hobby because I literally didn’t write anything from about college until I was 32 or so.  And certainly nothing “serious” until about 2008.  Which became BoD and then that was that. But yeah, before then I used to read a lot more than I do today. I used to cross-stitch. I used to do lousy Poser 3D art.  I liked the art stuff – even though it wasn’t massively taxing and somewhat equivalent to 3D Barbie, I still found it soothing. It was one way to get out some of that creative juice. When I started writing, sometimes I had trouble imagining what my characters looked like. I don’t usually associate them with existing people like actors or live-action characters (which is why that question is so hard for me to answer when… Read more

Wednesday Shinies

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Blatantly pirating this gif off of tumblr (idea as per Jeffe) as my nod to SOPA. (Courtesy of The Oatmeal) And I’m keeping my own Tumblr dark today as well.  I realize it’s a rather small act in the scheme of things. Preaching to the choir and all that, but as addicted as I am to all things internet? Staying off Tumblr today has been really, really hard. It’s a goofy, chaotic place – but it makes me laugh and allows me to connect with a different set of people and I enjoy it. I’d actually be very sad if it (and other sites like it) fell to the likes of a bullshit bill written by people who have all the technological understanding of a dead monkey. *ahem* That in mind, I received a lovely bit of Brystion/Abby art yesterday, by the massively talented Emma Vieceli. It’s a little smutty,… Read more