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Inside Jokes and Updates

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This past week I was on a panel on Humor at Authors After Dark. One of the main themes was determining how you knew something was funny or not – and the prevailing thought was that if it was funny to you, it would probably be funny to readers. (I think that’s pretty much the thing though, it’s it? I mean, you can’t make everyone happy, but whatever the concept is, if you please yourself, you’re bound to please at least some people, and that’s the goal.) At any rate, I had noted that I tend to put a fair number of inside jokes in the Abby books – things that I’m not entirely sure other people will get, but *I* know what they mean, and it meant something for me to put it in there. I made a brief mention on how Abby points out there’s bound to be… Read more

Tuesday Morning Shiny

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Since Carniepunk is coming out in a few months (July 23rd!), I decided to have Darchala draw me out a lovely scene from my story, A Duet with Darkness. (It’s not an exact match as far as the story goes, but it’s freaking awesome and I love it. So there.  Plus Dar got the livestream working and I was able to watch her work.) We wavered a bit on a title and finally decided on “Pride and a Fall” – though the working title was “No More Pride, Little Bird”  – honestly I couldn’t decide between the two. But we’ve got Melanie there with the red hair and the rainbow socks…and her sin-eater fallen angel paramour Nobu. *sighs* I may look at turning it into a print if there’s interest. Also, it looks like Carniepunk is going to be released in audiobook format as well. This tickles me silly, though… Read more

Holiday Cheer

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Just a quick note today during my break from training to announce that I’ve got Brush of Darkness holiday cards available now in my Zazzle store! (this lovely design is by Darchala, of course.)                 I’ve also got last years’s design still available too (by Jakface!)  … Read more

Shenanigans and Shinies

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I’m over at the League of Reluctant Adults blog today, highlight a few of the more interesting things I did in New Orleans. Like here, in this picture, where I’m cutting out peen stickers for the dinner centerpiece (at my table with Carolyn Crane.) Yeah. It was *that* sort of centerpiece. *ahem* Also, since I started handing it out at the con, I’m going to show off the fun swag Jakface made for me (it’s a single postcard, but think of it like a series of photos from a photobooth. Complete with photobombing Phin… If I can find time to animate it into a gif, I’ll do that. I just gotta find some gif animating software that doesn’t hurt my head and does what I want it to do. Suggestions welcome. ) Yes, I will hand these out at WFC too. (and I can ship them out as well, but… Read more

Shiny Bling

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More Friday shinies…but only part of it. See, I commissioned Jakface for a series of 4 pictures. As though Abby and Talivar were in one of those mall photobooths. But Ion’s a troll. And Phin’s a derp-faced photobomber. Hilarity ensues. But I’m not showing it all off here.  They’re getting printed up as we speak and handed out at AAD.  I’ll probably make them into an animated gif at some point too. Or something.) I did bling this one, though. Because I could…… Read more