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Shenanigans and Shinies

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I’m over at the League of Reluctant Adults blog today, highlight a few of the more interesting things I did in New Orleans. Like here, in this picture, where I’m cutting out peen stickers for the dinner centerpiece (at my table with Carolyn Crane.) Yeah. It was *that* sort of centerpiece. *ahem* Also, since I started handing it out at the con, I’m going to show off the fun swag Jakface made for me (it’s a single postcard, but think of it like a series of photos from a photobooth. Complete with photobombing Phin… If I can find time to animate it into a gif, I’ll do that. I just gotta find some gif animating software that doesn’t hurt my head and does what I want it to do. Suggestions welcome. ) Yes, I will hand these out at WFC too. (and I can ship them out as well, but… Read more

Thursday Posts & Updates

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Okay – I’m at a few places today, although there’s a bit of rehash, so YMMV as far as what you’re interested in. Of course Fox & Willow has a new page up, so go check that out for sure. 😀 (Next week’s pages are going to be fun. *grin*) Otherwise, I’m over at Word Whores today – if you want to know more about how I was taloned by a red-tailed hawk, today’s your lucky day.  *ahem* Or you could go to The League of Reluctant Adults and see my stuffed vampire maggot and get a look at the cover flats for A Trace of Moonlight. And don’t forget my flash fiction contest for said cover flat (I even ran out and bought a silver sharpie for occasion, simply because I’m that awesome…)… Read more

Guest Post and the Most Epic Thing. Ever.

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I’m over at the League of Reluctant Adults this morning, chatting about words and how reading books can be a bit of a springboard into inspiration. (At least for me. Also, a bit of ranting about being trolled on that chat thing the other day. Tenacious thing, grudges. Alas.) However, the most awesome part of my day has nothing to do with blogging at all (or books, really.) A few weeks ago, an artist that I watch on tumblr/DA blew up her hard drive and started taking commissions to help get a new one. So I chucked some money at her, because her livestreams are about the funniest things I’ve ever seen. (I have to turn them off or I’ll never get anything done at work, in fact.) I’m peeling back the shame of my Dragon Age fangirling here for you, but I asked her to draw me something silly… Read more

Trading Spaces

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I’m over at The League of Reluctant Adults today talking a little bit about the trading card coolness that’s going to be happening at many of the conventions this summer. And sadly enough, I totally forgot to mention my Word-Whores post from last Thursday – the theme was sexual euphemisms of all things, so feel free to check that out as well. (Yeah, I’m not sure how I forgot to mention it either – think things got a crazy with the scheduling, although I’m not sure that’s anything new. *eyeroll*)… Read more

Unicorn WTFkery

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I’m over at the League of Reluctant Adults today discussing unicorn wtfkery. Specifically a quick dabble in unicorn erotica/ pr0n, but only because I didn’t want to write about Valentine’s Day. Plus, in my research to find out just how much pervy unicorn stuff is out there, I discovered a few disturbing bits of literature (which I talk about in the blog post). I also ran across this really odd set of paper mache figures in an odd set of positions. With furries.  Please note it’s NSFW, so view at your own risk. Needless to say, it’s quite clear that my pervy unicorn Phin has a rather large set of hooves to step into, and not one I’m going to be jumping to have him fill any time soon. (It’s also clear that there are some very odd people out there, but I guess that goes without saying…)… Read more