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Giveaways and Such

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I’m over at Book Faery today talking a little bit about secondary characters and giving away a signed copy of A Brush of Darkness! (Open to international winners as well.) Also – stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post – I’ll have links to additional book giveaways (including winner’s choice of BoD or the sequel, A Sliver of Shadow) and a live chat with me tomorrow night. On a completely random note? I’d like to give a shout out to the awesome Jeffe Kennedy for sending me the most epic food ever made: Bask in it, ladies and gents. BACON CARAMEL TOFFEE.… Read more

Guest Post and the Most Epic Thing. Ever.

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I’m over at the League of Reluctant Adults this morning, chatting about words and how reading books can be a bit of a springboard into inspiration. (At least for me. Also, a bit of ranting about being trolled on that chat thing the other day. Tenacious thing, grudges. Alas.) However, the most awesome part of my day has nothing to do with blogging at all (or books, really.) A few weeks ago, an artist that I watch on tumblr/DA blew up her hard drive and started taking commissions to help get a new one. So I chucked some money at her, because her livestreams are about the funniest things I’ve ever seen. (I have to turn them off or I’ll never get anything done at work, in fact.) I’m peeling back the shame of my Dragon Age fangirling here for you, but I asked her to draw me something silly… Read more