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Dragon Age Art Shinies

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So when Aimo came to visit this past October we did a LOT of cooking. And eating. And actually, she did most of the cooking – because she’s awesome.  (I bought all the ingredients, though. ^_^) And then she wrote up a comic about her food adventures while she was here, including the part where Dan and I decided we wanted to adopt her so she could continue to feed us. (It’s several pages long and chronicles everything from Shake Shack during NYCC to Bilbo Baggins in Old Town, so, you know, full of noms.) If you’ve been following me, you’ll notice that my own cooking stuff picked up once she left. Basically, we got spoiled tremendously, and while I don’t consider myself a chef by any stretch, it turns out I’m pretty good at following recipes, so at least there’s that. At any rate, she just sent me a… Read more

Inside Jokes and Updates

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This past week I was on a panel on Humor at Authors After Dark. One of the main themes was determining how you knew something was funny or not – and the prevailing thought was that if it was funny to you, it would probably be funny to readers. (I think that’s pretty much the thing though, it’s it? I mean, you can’t make everyone happy, but whatever the concept is, if you please yourself, you’re bound to please at least some people, and that’s the goal.) At any rate, I had noted that I tend to put a fair number of inside jokes in the Abby books – things that I’m not entirely sure other people will get, but *I* know what they mean, and it meant something for me to put it in there. I made a brief mention on how Abby points out there’s bound to be… Read more

Old School Gaming Redux

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Ironic that I’m posting about games today, what with my decision to close down my gaming forum. (And yeah, I’m already flip-flopping about that – the good bye thread is killing me as I watch people try to find another place to go. Le sigh. I can feel my resolve crumbling as I type this. Maybe I’ll just overhaul it?) Anyway, the Extended Edition of Baldur’s Gate was supposed to be released tomorrow. It’s not now – the date has been pushed back until November. I’m a tad disappointed, but I also understand – and I’d rather have BeamDog take the extra time to do things right then try to make up for lost ground later.  After all, there’s a lot riding on it and you only get one chance to make a first impression. (And the expectations that I’m seeing on their forums are HIGH. Lots of history to… Read more

Muddle Headed

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Sometimes it’s really awesome having artist friends – especially when you’re having a crappy day and they send you cute sketches of your DA2 character making out with smexy Fenris. (TY, Aimo! mwah!) Yeah. Anyway – so the thing about trying to keep up the blog here ever day is that it feels sort of odd. I’d always tried to keep the more “quality” posts here and the more random ones over at Blogger, but here I am. I spent a fair amount of time going through some of those imported posts this weekend, particularly on Saturday -right now I’ve only got the last year’s worth actually set up.  It’s a tad frustrating at times, because I realized I tended to get a lot more comments on the Blogger blog than here, but when I imported the posts here, I had to make a decision as to how I was… Read more

Guest Post and the Most Epic Thing. Ever.

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I’m over at the League of Reluctant Adults this morning, chatting about words and how reading books can be a bit of a springboard into inspiration. (At least for me. Also, a bit of ranting about being trolled on that chat thing the other day. Tenacious thing, grudges. Alas.) However, the most awesome part of my day has nothing to do with blogging at all (or books, really.) A few weeks ago, an artist that I watch on tumblr/DA blew up her hard drive and started taking commissions to help get a new one. So I chucked some money at her, because her livestreams are about the funniest things I’ve ever seen. (I have to turn them off or I’ll never get anything done at work, in fact.) I’m peeling back the shame of my Dragon Age fangirling here for you, but I asked her to draw me something silly… Read more