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Dragon Age Art Shinies

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So when Aimo came to visit this past October we did a LOT of cooking. And eating. And actually, she did most of the cooking – because she’s awesome.  (I bought all the ingredients, though. ^_^) And then she wrote up a comic about her food adventures while she was here, including the part where Dan and I decided we wanted to adopt her so she could continue to feed us. (It’s several pages long and chronicles everything from Shake Shack during NYCC to Bilbo Baggins in Old Town, so, you know, full of noms.) If you’ve been following me, you’ll notice that my own cooking stuff picked up once she left. Basically, we got spoiled tremendously, and while I don’t consider myself a chef by any stretch, it turns out I’m pretty good at following recipes, so at least there’s that. At any rate, she just sent me a… Read more

CrowdSurfing for CrowdSourcing

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One of the things about side projects is that they can have a tendency to cost money. I’m no stranger to that – I ran my gaming forum for nearly 10 years out of my own pocket, to the tune of $400 a year.  I never asked anyone to contribute to it because I never really thought about it. It was my project, and my responsibility and that’s all there was to it. In hindsight, maybe I should have. We talk about what an item’s intrinsic value is, though so much of that is in the eye of the beholder. (Just look at all the crazy stuff people collect – a worthless stuffed toy to you might mean everything to me.) And the same is true for consumed media. Ebooks in particular have been in the thick of it – the argument of whether selling books at .99 is a… Read more

Virtually Strangers

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I’ve mentioned before that working with Aimo on Fox & Willow has been one of the most rewarding collaborations I’ve ever had. But it’s always sort of disconcerting when people ask how we met. Because technically? We never have. (A lot of those mumbled explanations are along the lines of “Well, we sort of met on Tumblr and we both enjoy playing Bioware games and I hired her to do a few sketches for my Abby Sinclair books and then we just basically fell into it. Also? Elf peen.”) A long term project like F&W is a lot to ask of someone you’ve never seen face to face. Especially given we’re 12 hours apart in different countries. Not to say we don’t communicate – we’re nearly in constant text and iChat mode on any given day, so in some ways we probably communicate more frequently than a “real life” friendship.… Read more

Elf Jerky & Underpants

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It’s been a while since I talked about writing resources, but while attempting to some some basic research for this latest project, I stumbled across a couple of rather marvelous books that I think could be very helpful  – particularly if you write historical or fantasy. The first is What Kings Ate and Wizards Drank – which I actually ran across at WFC this year and meant to pick up in the dealer’s room, but by the time I had my money with me, the room was closed and then I forgot. Which made it that much better when I found it again this week. And even though I’m not writing a historical, holy cow! The amount of fabulous information in here dealing with food and food prep “back in the day” is enough to make your head swim. I’m actually rather surprised mankind even made it this far. Though… Read more

Little Fish

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I realize I haven’t been blogging as much the last few weeks. This whole month has been a bit of a time cluster honestly, and the rest of this week isn’t going to be much better. I’m starting a new round of training for work. It’s a virtual classroom and all, but I find my brain basically getting pretty fried by the end of the day and it doesn’t leave me very motivated to do anything on the computer, let alone blog. Plus, this is the first time in over three years that I haven’t been under a deadline of some sort. It’s a weird and slightly discombobulated feeling. And I’m working on this new project as I can (NaNo just didn’t happen the way it should have), but I’ve been putting this awful sort of undue pressure on myself to make it Good. Whatever Good really means. Just that… Read more