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No Plans

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Like everything else that’s gone wrong, I had plans to write blog posts more frequently this year. I had plans to go places and do things and try to find some sort of purpose and meaning beyond whatever my everyday was. Even today’s post was blindsided by the fact that once again, I’ve lost another friend. (So, so many people I knew, either personally or professionally are gone. Cancer or Covid, both have been utterly ruthless. My brain is numb trying to wrap itself around the fact that I’ll never see them again and just…well, it’s going to be a melancholy post instead. My apologies.) And no, I’m not flipping off Ostara on my planner. That just happened to be the day our exchange student was made to go home during the early days of Covid and I couldn’t bring myself to write down the flight information. In hindsight, of… Read more

Little Fish

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I realize I haven’t been blogging as much the last few weeks. This whole month has been a bit of a time cluster honestly, and the rest of this week isn’t going to be much better. I’m starting a new round of training for work. It’s a virtual classroom and all, but I find my brain basically getting pretty fried by the end of the day and it doesn’t leave me very motivated to do anything on the computer, let alone blog. Plus, this is the first time in over three years that I haven’t been under a deadline of some sort. It’s a weird and slightly discombobulated feeling. And I’m working on this new project as I can (NaNo just didn’t happen the way it should have), but I’ve been putting this awful sort of undue pressure on myself to make it Good. Whatever Good really means. Just that… Read more