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A Symphony of Starlight Pre-order

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I meant to get this up days ago, but life got in the way in the form of myriad things like breaking laptops, sick kids, an exchange student, getting trees removed, etc. Life, as they say. But in the meantime, yes SoS is up for pre-order on Amazon and nearly everywhere else. (The ebook, anyway. The print will be out…eventually. Maybe by the end of the month, maybe a little longer.) Release date is October 8, so just a few days away!! Amazon Everywhere else (more options being added shortly)   Other things of interest – Aimo and I are part of a comic Kickstarter that is currently ongoing! It is the Gothic Tales of Haunted Futures and there’s a number of very talented artists and writers taking part! Our tale will deal with a futuristic space port known as New Edo, and the tragic romance of a particular oiran… Read more

CrowdSurfing for CrowdSourcing

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One of the things about side projects is that they can have a tendency to cost money. I’m no stranger to that – I ran my gaming forum for nearly 10 years out of my own pocket, to the tune of $400 a year.  I never asked anyone to contribute to it because I never really thought about it. It was my project, and my responsibility and that’s all there was to it. In hindsight, maybe I should have. We talk about what an item’s intrinsic value is, though so much of that is in the eye of the beholder. (Just look at all the crazy stuff people collect – a worthless stuffed toy to you might mean everything to me.) And the same is true for consumed media. Ebooks in particular have been in the thick of it – the argument of whether selling books at .99 is a… Read more

Spellbound and Spindles

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Just giving a shout out today to a Kickstarter that I think is worth looking at.  It’s called Spellbound and Spindles and they’re trying to fund a couple of fairy tale anthologies (one for kids and one for adults) featuring a more diverse cast. I’m all about fairy tales and reworking them for today’s world (if I can, I’ll probably look at submitting something to them in the future. My love for The Little Mermaid knows no bounds – even aside from the steampunk retelling in Womanthology, I had at one point envisioned it as a gay story as well, so maybe I’ll take a look at that soon.) The archetypes present in fairy tales – the Good Mother, the Terrible Mother, the Wise Old Man or the Hero – are components that we see in nearly every story – again and again and again. At their core, they are… Read more

More Gaming WTFkery

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Just a few updates on some of things I ranted blogged about the other day. (Women in VG tropes and the violent portrayals of women posts…) And I apologize to my readers if you couldn’t care less about these things, but they are fairly important topics to me, so I’m going to continue talking about them. So first up is the Lara Croft thing – another interview with the creators came out on Kotaku the other day – some of it was rehashed from the Penny Arcade interview where they noted how they were turning Lara into a cornered animal, breaking her down etc. But in this latest interview, something really irritated me: And executive producer Ron Rosenberg says you’ll want to keep her safe. “When people play Lara, they don’t really project themselves into the character,” Rosenberg told me at E3 last week when I asked if it was difficult… Read more

Making the Point for Us: Tropes vs Women In Video Games WTFKery

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I almost didn’t get around to posting today – after all, copy edits needed to be handed in and the Guild Wars 2 Beta is live and that’s what I’ll be running off to do in a bit. However, I did want to mention the Kickstarter project by Anita Sarkeesian: Tropes vs Women in Video Games. The idea is fairly broad and fascinating – but simply put, she plans on doing a series of videos based on the way women are portrayed in video games. (Which I ranted about a bit earlier this week.) I love playing video games but I’m regularly disappointed in the limited and limiting ways women are represented.  This video project will explore, analyze and deconstruct some of the most common tropes and stereotypes of female characters in games.  The series will highlight the larger reoccurring patterns and conventions used within the gaming industry rather than just… Read more