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Old School Gaming Redux

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Ironic that I’m posting about games today, what with my decision to close down my gaming forum. (And yeah, I’m already flip-flopping about that – the good bye thread is killing me as I watch people try to find another place to go. Le sigh. I can feel my resolve crumbling as I type this. Maybe I’ll just overhaul it?) Anyway, the Extended Edition of Baldur’s Gate was supposed to be released tomorrow. It’s not now – the date has been pushed back until November. I’m a tad disappointed, but I also understand – and I’d rather have BeamDog take the extra time to do things right then try to make up for lost ground later. ¬†After all, there’s a lot riding on it and you only get one chance to make a first impression. (And the expectations that I’m seeing on their forums are HIGH. Lots of history to… Read more