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It’s been a rough couple of weeks over at the Pang house. Between snow days and sick kids, the daily schedule has been upset a little more than I’d like it to be. And then tack on last week, which was nearly a complete waste as I succumbed to a bout of the flu/strep/anemia thing as well that hit me a lot harder than I anticipated. I can write/work through a cold, but you know it’s bad when I don’t want to eat/play video games/read/do anything other than lie there and oh god, someone come put me out of my misery now. (I did, however, stumble upon an anime on Crunchyroll entitled “Our Home’s Fox Deity” – if you thought that sounded like something up my alley, you’d be entirely correct. It’s a bit silly in places and there’s some typical fanservice, but I enjoy realizing that fox spirits are… Read more

Word Whore ~ Fox and Willow Thursday

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Late post today because I’m in a bit of a sick space. Still not feeling well, so just popping on to mention my post over at Word-Whores – just a few thoughts on some personal mistakes I’ve made in the publishing process. Also, new Fox & Willow up today, so check that out. Incidentally, I’m  getting some F&W swag printed up for the upcoming AAD con – just gotta think of a tag line for it. “Of Foxes and Fairy Tales?” My fever brain isn’t working particularly well, so perhaps I’ll just forgo that part of it for now…… Read more

Muddle Headed

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Sometimes it’s really awesome having artist friends – especially when you’re having a crappy day and they send you cute sketches of your DA2 character making out with smexy Fenris. (TY, Aimo! mwah!) Yeah. Anyway – so the thing about trying to keep up the blog here ever day is that it feels sort of odd. I’d always tried to keep the more “quality” posts here and the more random ones over at Blogger, but here I am. I spent a fair amount of time going through some of those imported posts this weekend, particularly on Saturday -right now I’ve only got the last year’s worth actually set up.  It’s a tad frustrating at times, because I realized I tended to get a lot more comments on the Blogger blog than here, but when I imported the posts here, I had to make a decision as to how I was… Read more

Whittle Away

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Third day of being sick and second day of heavy rains and flooding, so it’s another day at home for me. (School was canceled for the kids and mr myn was kept overnight because things were so bad in his area – super deep water, cars abandoned everywhere, end of days, the usual.) Anyway, I managed to get through my first round of copy edits last night. I won’t call them officially done until I send them in, but I managed to fix a lot of small things, as well as add/delete some extra scenes that will become more important later on. (Problem with writing a series is that some things don’t come to light until you’re writing the next book – I’m just happy I’ve still got the time to go back and lay a few breadcrumbs.) So, I’ll run through the edits again this weekend. I’ve started to… Read more

Not Dead Yet

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There’s a tree in my front yard that might be dead. I say might be because I am not a tree whisperer.  Perhaps there is some sort of Ent agenda going on that I’m simply not aware of. I did break off a few of the smaller branches and there’s not an ounce of green in them. This tree in particular normally seems to put out great big glops of amber sap as well, and right now there’s a whole of nothing. All indications would point to the death of said tree. On the other hand we had a warm patch in January…and it actually got a few blossoms.  Maybe it’s just confused and gone back to sleep? I can wait until next year and see if comes back, though that’s two parts curiosity and one part laziness, because honestly, I *really* don’t want to chop it down. And chop… Read more