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Tales From the Tissue Trenches

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I’d like to say that sometimes being sick allows me to slow down and reconfigure my priorities, but at this point today the only thing I’m really contemplating is whether I should get up from my latest nap or just turn right around and go back to sleep. The only good thing about getting this sick is that I do actually give myself permission to let go of things. (If I’m on the fence, it generally means I can probably get something done. If I’m like I am today, I don’t have much choice, really. How do I know this? If I can’t even get the energy up to play WoW, I’m sick. Period.) *ahem* Before the sick-fest, I did manage to get some revision stuff done on Saturday – I went through about 150 pages or so. And for the first run through of revisions, I’m not actually doing any editing… Read more

Word Whore Thursday

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I’m over at Word Whores today, talking about small indulgences. Also, I’m sorta whining about my 11th birthday, but hey, at least I’m honest about my motivations. I’m also over at Ramblings of a Chaotic Mind, talking about world building. Aside from that, I’m home sick again today. (Working from home, but definitely too messed up to drive anywhere). Works out okay because I had a chunk of siding blow off the house this weekend and now I can be here to have someone come put it back on. Which is good because when the wind blows it sounds like a small train is about to come hurtling through the kids’ bathroom. (About four am, I wake up and fine one or both kids in bed with me because the noise is freaking them out.) I have managed to get my faery costume in order for the RT ball, however,… Read more