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Thursday Posts & Updates

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Okay – I’m at a few places today, although there’s a bit of rehash, so YMMV as far as what you’re interested in. Of course Fox & Willow has a new page up, so go check that out for sure. 😀 (Next week’s pages are going to be fun. *grin*) Otherwise, I’m over at Word Whores today – if you want to know more about how I was taloned by a red-tailed hawk, today’s your lucky day.  *ahem* Or you could go to The League of Reluctant Adults and see my stuffed vampire maggot and get a look at the cover flats for A Trace of Moonlight. And don’t forget my flash fiction contest for said cover flat (I even ran out and bought a silver sharpie for occasion, simply because I’m that awesome…)… Read more