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Topically Bored

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I’ve been sitting here staring at this blank blog page off and on for the last few hours. Part of that is because I’m at work. Part of that is because my back has decided to go stupid the last few days and I’m hurting. Part of that is because I was up until 3 AM playing Civ V. (One day I’ll learn, I promise. But until then? I’m gonna build me another granary, yo.) But in either case, some days I really have a hard time coming up with anything interesting to talk about.  Every once in a while I jump on the “popular topic of the moment” – but usually I find I have very little to add to the discussion that hasn’t already been said a million times by others anyway. (Or I’m just so sick of hearing about said topic that I don’t really want to… Read more

Shenanigans and Shinies

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I’m over at the League of Reluctant Adults blog today, highlight a few of the more interesting things I did in New Orleans. Like here, in this picture, where I’m cutting out peen stickers for the dinner centerpiece (at my table with Carolyn Crane.) Yeah. It was *that* sort of centerpiece. *ahem* Also, since I started handing it out at the con, I’m going to show off the fun swag Jakface made for me (it’s a single postcard, but think of it like a series of photos from a photobooth. Complete with photobombing Phin… If I can find time to animate it into a gif, I’ll do that. I just gotta find some gif animating software that doesn’t hurt my head and does what I want it to do. Suggestions welcome. ) Yes, I will hand these out at WFC too. (and I can ship them out as well, but… Read more