Shenanigans and Shinies

I’m over at the League of Reluctant Adults blog today, highlight a few of the more interesting things I did in New Orleans. Like here, in this picture, where I’m cutting out peen stickers for the dinner centerpiece (at my table with Carolyn Crane.) Yeah. It was *that* sort of centerpiece.


Also, since I started handing it out at the con, I’m going to show off the fun swag Jakface made for me (it’s a single postcard, but think of it like a series of photos from a photobooth. Complete with photobombing Phin…

If I can find time to animate it into a gif, I’ll do that. I just gotta find some gif animating software that doesn’t hurt my head and does what I want it to do. Suggestions welcome. )

Yes, I will hand these out at WFC too. (and I can ship them out as well, but it’s a 4 x 6 card so it doesn’t fit in a standard envelope too well. I’ll think on how to address that if people want them…)

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