Topically Bored

I’ve been sitting here staring at this blank blog page off and on for the last few hours. Part of that is because I’m at work. Part of that is because my back has decided to go stupid the last few days and I’m hurting. Part of that is because I was up until 3 AM playing Civ V. (One day I’ll learn, I promise. But until then? I’m gonna build me another granary, yo.)

But in either case, some days I really have a hard time coming up with anything interesting to talk about.  Every once in a while I jump on the “popular topic of the moment” – but usually I find I have very little to add to the discussion that hasn’t already been said a million times by others anyway. (Or I’m just so sick of hearing about said topic that I don’t really want to read about it anymore, let alone write down my opinions.)

My mother used to have one of those sayings about how if you’re bored, then you’re boring. That’s sort of how I feel about blogging at the moment. (But see above for the reasons – I find it hard to want to do much of anything when I’m tired and hurting.)

But even so.

I often struggle with finding decent blog topics. (Which is why I tend to just ramble on these days about nothing.  On my own private spot on the web, that’s actually okay – after all, I don’t claim to be selling anything other than what and who I am. So what you see is what you get, I guess.)

But the blog tour starts next week and with it comes the usual number of guest posts and interviews. Easy enough if the blogger gives me a topic (which is my preferred method – takes a little of the grunt work off of me and the blogger gets exactly what they want.)

Otherwise? I usually can find some good ideas to start with, but toward the end I run out of steam and before you know it, I’m talking about my characters’ favorite brand of cereal or something equally weird.

And before you ask? Abby likes Lucky Charms. Phin is partial to Cookie Crisp.  Ion could care less. Talivar enjoys Kashi.


Off to try to come up with some other topics.  😉

(Incidentally Fox & Willow will be updated later today – Aimo’s feeling a little under the weather and needed to crash before she could finish.)

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