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Tuesday Morning Shiny

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Since Carniepunk is coming out in a few months (July 23rd!), I decided to have Darchala draw me out a lovely scene from my story, A Duet with Darkness. (It’s not an exact match as far as the story goes, but it’s freaking awesome and I love it. So there.  Plus Dar got the livestream working and I was able to watch her work.) We wavered a bit on a title and finally decided on “Pride and a Fall” – though the working title was “No More Pride, Little Bird”  – honestly I couldn’t decide between the two. But we’ve got Melanie there with the red hair and the rainbow socks…and her sin-eater fallen angel paramour Nobu. *sighs* I may look at turning it into a print if there’s interest. Also, it looks like Carniepunk is going to be released in audiobook format as well. This tickles me silly, though… Read more

A Sliver of Shadow Trading Cards!

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Okay – the next set of trading card designs have been finalized and here they are! (I’m still working on the back blurbs so I don’t actually have any in stock  – it will be several weeks before I have physical copies in my hot little hands, but I’ll announce it when I do.) Characters are as follows: Moira, Nobu, Talivar and Brystion (in human form) Artwork created by the fabulous Darchala!… Read more