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Monday Evening Shinies

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Got a surprise bit of Talivar fan art today from Maeve’s Child (go check out her Deviant Art account for more lovely art!)  Looook at the smexxxxxy smoulder going on with mr. grumpy there….. 😀 Nice to get since I’ve had this funky headache thing going on for like a week now and it’s been sort of a crazy day. Contractors everywhere, but hey, new garage doors and shower is  almost finished, so overall, yay for Monday. Also – don’t forget there’s a new Fox & Willow page up today. Adult situations coming up? Oh yeah. They’re coming.  >_<… Read more

Happy Release Day…to Me! :)

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Okay – I’m all over the place today – guest posts and giveaways and all that fun stuff. I’ll be updating the links in this post as things come up, but I wanted to give a massive shout out to all my fabulous friends and family (and fans!) who have been tweeting and Facebooking and everything else today. You guys are how books get sold and the reason I write and I can’t thank you all enough. (And major props go to Aimo for the awesomesauce gif up there. A complete surprise and so brilliant. I just can’t stop laughing at it.) Also – I have this lovely piece of art from Jakface – Hipster Talivar doing the Hustle. Because that’s what he does. Sometimes. (And you can read that particular scene over at Wicked Little Pixie today!) Okay, links and places…. 1) I’ve got a release day part over… Read more

A Sliver of Shadow Trading Cards!

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Okay – the next set of trading card designs have been finalized and here they are! (I’m still working on the back blurbs so I don’t actually have any in stock  – it will be several weeks before I have physical copies in my hot little hands, but I’ll announce it when I do.) Characters are as follows: Moira, Nobu, Talivar and Brystion (in human form) Artwork created by the fabulous Darchala!… Read more

Midnight Shinies

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One elvish prince, coming up! (For those of you who want a sneak peek. Talivar makes a brief appearance at the end of A Brush of Darkness, but is a major character in A Sliver of Shadow). The awesome Darchala has sent me this lovely rough sketch of Talivar for his upcoming trading card. I dig the beardy stuff so much, I think I’m going to change it in the book. (Originally I had it so that elves couldn’t/didn’t have facial hair, but….yeah. The scruff suits him.) Figured I’d share the love. 🙂… Read more