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Monday Updates

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First up, Fox & Willow has a new page up, so go on and check that out. 😀 (Incidentally, I just about died when I saw the hedgehog there – no, it’s not in the comic, but for obvious reasons I find it so very amusing.) Otherwise I just wanted to note that I’ve got a signed copy of A Sliver of Shadow up on the Brenda Novak auction site. Proceeds go toward diabetes research, so definitely check it out (if not for my book, then for something else – there’s a lot of really great items for both writers and readers available.)… Read more


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Took a little break from blog posts last night. Might not have been the wisest thing, but honestly I was itching to do some scripting for Fox & Willow and I don’t like fighting the muse when she decides to kick in. And since Aimo and I check in a weekly basis to discuss the overall progress, I like to actually have something to show her. 🙂 I’m trying a slightly different mechanism for this chapter. First chapter is called “Came a Harper” and has a lot of setup going on, but because I was still getting my brain wrapped around the idea of scripting (and it’s nothing I’ve ever done before), I started out writing it more like a short story and then going back and highlighting the bits that would go into the comic portion.  (And a lot of that is at Aimo’s discretion anyway – we discuss… Read more

Let the Wild Rumpus Start!

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And here we go… First things first – my entire blog tour schedule can be found over at Fang-tastic Books – check it out to see where I’ll be for the next month or so, and enter for a chance to win one of ten copies of A Sliver of Shadow. Second – My Once & Future podcast is now up – go listen and laugh if you like – it was my first one and I was crazy nervous to start with, so I probably sound a bit silly, but it was a lot of fun. (Chance to win either BoD or SoS there, as well.) Third – Go leave a comment at Jeffe Kennedy’s blog for a chance to win a custom drawn BoD or SoS scene/character sketchcard by the fabulous Aimo! Fourth – Check out the top 10 pieces of art inspired by the BoD/SoS series over… Read more

A Silver of Shadow Excerpt

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Since there’s only about a month until the release date for A Sliver of Shadow, I figured I’d throw a little teaser out there for you in the form of a first chapter excerpt. Hope you enjoy!… Read more

A Sliver of Shadow Blog Tour!

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So I’m gearing up for blog tour shenanigans in the next month or so, but to streamline the process, I’m outsourcing most of this to Betwitching Blog Tours.  (Click the linky if you wish to sign up!) I’ve got some blog posts and interviews in the pipeline for earlier in the month of Feb, and if you’re interested in anything else, just drop me a line via my Contact page. eARCS will be available for book bloggers and reviewers who sign up for the tour- I just ask that you send me a link to the review when it goes up (even if you don’t like it.) As far as the tour itself goes – I do have swag available for giveaways, including my trading cards.  Signed copies of A Sliver of Shadow will also be available. Also, I’ve had some requests for blog posts/interviews by @phintheunicorn. If that’s something you… Read more