A Sliver of Shadow Blog Tour!

So I’m gearing up for blog tour shenanigans in the next month or so, but to streamline the process, I’m outsourcing most of this to Betwitching Blog Tours.  (Click the linky if you wish to sign up!)

I’ve got some blog posts and interviews in the pipeline for earlier in the month of Feb, and if you’re interested in anything else, just drop me a line via my Contact page.

eARCS will be available for book bloggers and reviewers who sign up for the tour- I just ask that you send me a link to the review when it goes up (even if you don’t like it.)

As far as the tour itself goes – I do have swag available for giveaways, including my trading cards.  Signed copies of A Sliver of Shadow will also be available.

Also, I’ve had some requests for blog posts/interviews by @phintheunicorn. If that’s something you want, let me know and I’ll see if he’s available. (He can be bribed with bacon.)


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