Happy Release Day…to Me! :)

Okay – I’m all over the place today – guest posts and giveaways and all that fun stuff. I’ll be updating the links in this post as things come up, but I wanted to give a massive shout out to all my fabulous friends and family (and fans!) who have been tweeting and Facebooking and everything else today. You guys are how books get sold and the reason I write and I can’t thank you all enough.

(And major props go to Aimo for the awesomesauce gif up there. A complete surprise and so brilliant. I just can’t stop laughing at it.)

Also – I have this lovely piece of art from Jakface – Hipster Talivar doing the Hustle. Because that’s what he does. Sometimes. (And you can read that particular scene over at Wicked Little Pixie today!)

Okay, links and places….

1) I’ve got a release day part over at Bitten by Books today at 12PM (CENTRAL) time. Once I get the link for it, I’ll post it here, but you can always go to the BBB website to find it on the front page as well. There’s still time to RSVP for additional chances to win a $75 gift card to Amazon from me…

Edit to add: Release Day Party is NOW LIVE!

2) Reading Between the Lines has a giveaway today as well – leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of A Sliver of Shadow!

3) Review and Giveaway over at Addicted to Heroines!

4) Guest post over at Rachel Firasek’s blog!

5) Still time to win a custom BoD or SoS sketchcard by Aimo over at Jeffe Kennedy’s blog!

There may be other places – so I’ll continue to update this post as they come in. 😀

Thanks again to everyone and I really hope you love A Sliver of Shadow!

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