Running Out of Words

Well, not really.

But one of the problems with being a daily blogger is trying to come up with new topics for guest blogs. On my own personal blog I feel like I can pretty much talk about anything. Gaming. Writing. Stupid videos. Naked men. Whatever strikes my fancy at a given moment.

But when I’m a guest on someone else’s blog, I usually feel as though I need to deliver something with a bit more quality than just “Hey – funny unicorn humping a dolphin video!”

Sort of like going to someone’s house I guess. And of course, then you get like what I had this morning, where I completely forgot I owed someone a guest blog (outside my tour, so I’d neglected to put it on my schedule). And I got an email going “Where is it?”

And there’s that little moment of panic and resignation as I cull a post I wrote for someone else for NEXT week. (Blogger types – when you tell us to “Write about anything” –  that’s sort of vague. Do you want something authorly? Something book related? Does it *truly* not matter? Careful now, you might end up with a post about peniscorns or something.)

I could make my life easier by recycling posts, but I can’t bring myself to do that. Feels rude, particularly on a blog tour where readers are moving from site to site for an entire month. Not that some of the interview questions don’t get repetitive. (I always have to laugh at the “What would surprise your readers to know about you?” questions. After I’ve gone through that 2 or 3 times, I’m starting to run out of surprising things. Or at least the surprising things I’d share in polite company.)

Anyway. That being said, I’m posting at a few places today (including giveaways) so go and check them out!

1) RhiReads – I’m talking about going from RPG game writing (aka PbP games) and moving into novel writing. (At least on a small scale – that topic alone could probably *BE* a book.)

2) Private I With Allison Pang over at Intense Whispers.  – Phineas is being investigated. I’m being questioned. Hilarity ensues.

3) Fresh Fiction – Talking about instant love and love triangles and why things are the way they are in  A Sliver of Shadow as far as romances go with Abby.

In the meantime? Here’s a video of a unicorn. Humping a dolphin.


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