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Slumming with the Sims

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I fired up the Sims 3 this past weekend for the first time in a while. I’d bought the latest expansion packs but had never found the time to install them. It took me a while to get everything working – a lot of mods I’d previously installed were broken and I’ve got some patches to get rid of things like intro video and to kill the nude mosiac. (The sims aren’t anatomically correct, per se, but in a normal game every time a sim goes to the bathroom or takes a shower, there’s a blur effect that gets put over them. I find that annoying, so I remove it – but each time a new update to the game comes out, the nude mod tends to break.) Anyway, I got it working and then I invited Lucy to help me create some family members. I have the supernatural expansion,… Read more

Friday Silliness: Beware the Unicorn Graffiti

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Okay, I don’t know what possessed the makers of this ingenious little script, but if you haven’t tried it, go run over to Goggles.  Basically, you drag this little button into your bookmark bar and you click it on any site you want. And then you can draw all over that person’s website. But the genius of it is that other people can only see it *if* they go to that site and also hit their  Goggles button. Lame? Maybe. Also fabulous! I sorta feel like unleashing my inner Phineas and marking up my friends’ webpages with rainbows and cocks. Maybe rainbow cocks. Yes, there’s a potential for abuse here since it’s all anonymous (and sure, it’s tempting to find your super-sekret enemy’s webpage and just write rude things on it that they’ll most likely never see), but still. Anyway, I also wanted to give a shout out to Jeffe… Read more

Running Out of Words

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Well, not really. But one of the problems with being a daily blogger is trying to come up with new topics for guest blogs. On my own personal blog I feel like I can pretty much talk about anything. Gaming. Writing. Stupid videos. Naked men. Whatever strikes my fancy at a given moment. But when I’m a guest on someone else’s blog, I usually feel as though I need to deliver something with a bit more quality than just “Hey – funny unicorn humping a dolphin video!” Sort of like going to someone’s house I guess. And of course, then you get like what I had this morning, where I completely forgot I owed someone a guest blog (outside my tour, so I’d neglected to put it on my schedule). And I got an email going “Where is it?” And there’s that little moment of panic and resignation as I… Read more

Making Faces

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I’m not an actress. I don’t play one on TV. In truth, I hate the camera. (And I suspect the camera isn’t too fond of me either. >_<) I make faces. Like to the point where my kids have said “Mom, are you okay? You look so angry.” (This while I’m pushing the grocery cart through the parking lot or something equally random.) And it took a moment to realize that while I wasn’t technically angry…my characters were. Which sounds sorta nuts, but I’ve been pretty deep into brainstorming edits the last few weeks. I’ve been overhauling scenes and trying to add more emotional depth or whatever into the characters. The off-set? Apparently I’m acting it out in my head. And my face is reflecting that. It’s not just angry stuff either, as I’ve caught myself doing a giddy smile thing for no reason at all too, but it all… Read more

Random Marketing and Silly Stuff

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Yes, that picture seems off kilter, but I’m feeling too lazy to open Photoshop up to rotate it. Anyway, bookplates are in, so drop me a line if you want one (I’ll set up some info on the main site, but it will probably involve the standard SASE.) Those other things are just mailing labels, but I thought they were pretty so I’m throwing them in there too. Never realized what a pita it was to send out like ten books at once and having to write that address over and over and over. (And I’m sorta stupid when it comes to sending things out. Last month I sent out three signed copies…and sent the wrong ones to the wrong addresses. *facepalm*) So anything that makes me have to think less about what I’m doing is a good thing. That probably sounds bad, but it’s true – doesn’t take much… Read more