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*Tap Tap*

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Is this thing on? An author group I belong to recently had a discussion about marketing and social media, blog tours and giveaways and all the rest of it. Basically, there’s so much going on out there as far as promotion goes, and much of it gets laid at the feet of authors these days…and no one really seems to know if it makes a difference. Do people buy books because they get swag in the form of pens and postcards? Do mass blog tours and book giveaways increase sales or do they just encourage people to wait around to see if they’ll win something? Is blogging/tweeting/facebooking really that important? Or is it a just a time suck that keeps writers from writing books? Some days it just feels as though we’re in an empty room with a microphone. When all you hear is your own words echoing in your… Read more

Random Marketing and Silly Stuff

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Yes, that picture seems off kilter, but I’m feeling too lazy to open Photoshop up to rotate it. Anyway, bookplates are in, so drop me a line if you want one (I’ll set up some info on the main site, but it will probably involve the standard SASE.) Those other things are just mailing labels, but I thought they were pretty so I’m throwing them in there too. Never realized what a pita it was to send out like ten books at once and having to write that address over and over and over. (And I’m sorta stupid when it comes to sending things out. Last month I sent out three signed copies…and sent the wrong ones to the wrong addresses. *facepalm*) So anything that makes me have to think less about what I’m doing is a good thing. That probably sounds bad, but it’s true – doesn’t take much… Read more

Phin is Full of Win!

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Okay – just a quick update today because I’m still home sick and trying to work too. Whee. But, I have the rudiments of an online store up now over at Zazzle and I’ll be adding more stuff as I can. I am hoping to get an inverse copy of that graphic so I can put it on a black t-shirt. (And yeah, I’ve been trying via photoshop, but the line work is coming out a little thin and I don’t have a lot of time just this second.) I’m going to look at some additional designs as well, but for those of you who are interested, I think I’ll be giving some of these away at RT (depending on how much of a discount I can get.) I’m over at Naughty Girls Don’t Write Nice Books today too, with an interview and a giveaway!… Read more

Brand Me

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I was asked last week if I could maybe talk a little bit about author branding – specifically how it relates to my journey of getting published and how much influence did the publisher have on what I’ve done. It’s an interesting question, since I don’t know if I actually *have* an author brand at all. I have quirks that I write about, sure, but I don’t think I’ve ever attempted to knowingly focus my blogging into developing a specific brand. Brand is one of those weird sorts of buzzwords anyway. It gets mixed up a lot with logos and marketing and online presence and publicizing who you are and what you’re selling and why people should buy it from you instead of someone else. I guess I often equate branding as association. The product is my books, of course – but how do I set it up so that… Read more

Trolling for Suggestions

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Next month I’ll be starting up my blog tour (which is what authors do these days to help stir up interest in their book – it’s sort of the cyber-equivalent of doing an actual book tour.) So, blog tour it is – and at the moment I’ll admit I’m a tad overwhelmed. Lots of emails coming in from different parties (many of which have been orchestrated by the publicity guru over at Fine Print  and my awesomesauce agent.) It’s definitely beginning to make my head spin. What it means, however, is a lot of extra work. (See, these are things they don’t tell you about when you’re trying to get pubbed. LOL.) Many of these blog stops may do reviews or giveaways, but many also have interviews (some of which are probably the standard sorts of questions, although a few have thrown me for a loop). However, I’ve also got… Read more