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Next month I’ll be starting up my blog tour (which is what authors do these days to help stir up interest in their book – it’s sort of the cyber-equivalent of doing an actual book tour.)

So, blog tour it is – and at the moment I’ll admit I’m a tad overwhelmed. Lots of emails coming in from different parties (many of which have been orchestrated by the publicity guru over at Fine Print  and my awesomesauce agent.) It’s definitely beginning to make my head spin.

What it means, however, is a lot of extra work. (See, these are things they don’t tell you about when you’re trying to get pubbed. LOL.) Many of these blog stops may do reviews or giveaways, but many also have interviews (some of which are probably the standard sorts of questions, although a few have thrown me for a loop). However, I’ve also got to come up with guest blog posts for many of these as well (and I’ve even got a live chat or two thrown into the mix.)

My biggest issue here is trying to come with additional topics where I’m not using the same material on multiple blogs. That’s always seemed rather lame to me, although now I can understand why people do it. I will probably be a total loser during these few weeks and list my own blog posts as links to the interviews and reviews so bear with me for that. (or I can X-post, maybe – I haven’t really decided.)

In the meantime, I’m shamelessly asking people for blog post suggestions. I know there’s the standard sorts of topics like “how I got pubbed” or “how to get an agent,” but I’ll admit I’m looking for something a little fun than that. I’ve been bouncing ideas back and forth with people on IM (and my favorite so far would be “Do Alphas Need to be Asshats?”, but I don’t actually write alpha type heroes so I’m not sure that would work. (Plus my goal is to gain readers, not potentially offend them.)

Also, I’ve got a few ARCs left over that I’m not sure I’ll be doing much with –  it’s quite possible I’ll be doing a giveaway here as well in the next few weeks, so keep an eye open for that. (I’ll make you work for it though, so be prepared to write raunchy haiku poems involving unicorns and bacon.) 😉

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